Reusable Revolution Electronic Rodent Trap

Reusable Revolution Electronic Rodent Trap


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Eliminate rodents safely and easily with this Electronic Rodent Trap by Reusable Revolution. Effective and simple to use, this rat zapper provides an efficient way to rid yourself of unwanted pests. Built in micro-electronic circuit technology can sense when a rat enters the trap, and uses the two metal plates inside to quickly deliver a 5000V shock. Conveniently placed lights on the side of the unit show the active status - red when emitting a shock, and green when ready for disposal. If the thought of having to dispose of the catch is unpleasant, don't worry - this trap is designed for a no-touch, no-see disposal. Simply pick up the unit and slide the dead rodent into the trash. Ideal for use in basements, kitchens, attics, or anywhere rodents may hide, this versatile rat trap will help end your pest problems once and for all. Measures 9.3" x 4" x 4.4".

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