Pest Repeller for Bugs With Night Light by Reusable Revolution

Pest Repeller for Bugs With Night Light by Reusable Revolution


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Protect your home and family from unwanted pests with this multi-functional Pest Repeller with Night Light by Reusable Revolution. Through the use of electromagnetic and ultrasonic waves, this device will effectively eliminate a wide array of pests by emitting high-frequency waves that compel insects, roaches and even mice to flee and give up their source of food, water, and shelter. Simple to setup and multi-functional, this electronic device plugs into a standard outlet, offers both fixed and variable frequencies and has the additional benefit of a LED night light.


  • · MULTI-FUNCTIONAL - This multi-functional pest repellent offers enhanced ultrasonic technology, ultrasonic waves, variable or fixed settings, and the added benefit of a LED night light.
  • · ULTRASONIC FREQUENCIES - This device will emit sounds that are disruptive to pests. Confused pests flee as these irritating sound prevent them from gathering food, breeding, communicating.
  • · ELECTROMAGNETIC SOUND WAVES - Electromagnetic sound waves are above the range of human hearing, will aggravate the nervous systems of pests, and drive cockroaches, mice and other critters away from the area.
  • · SAFE AND EFFECTIVE- This device is free of harmful pesticides or chemicals, is inaudible to humans, and will not cause harm or discomfort to common household pets.
  • · DIMENSIONS - Measures 2.87" x 1.18" x 4.72".


Additional Information

Color White & Green
Brand Reusable Revolution
Material plastic
Color White


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