GreenLighting White Wireless Long Range Door Chime w/ LED Alert

GreenLighting White Wireless Long Range Door Chime w/ LED Alert


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Hear your doorbell whetheryou'reworking at your home office, in the attic or garage. Greenlighting'solar Wireless Doorbell provides a long range door chime allowing you to hear your doorbell throughout your home while a blue LED visual notification system alerts the visually impaired. The working range travels over 900 feet and with 50 different chimes to choose from and 4 levels of adjustable ring volumes, you can program and personalize your sounds to reflect your own unique style and taste. This solar-powered wireless doorbell is easy to install and setup and there is no need to replace the battery with the solar powered doorbell button.


  • · VERSATILE - Create an inviting and cozy ambience for your decks, porches, patios, walkways, or driveways, highlight specific areas of your home or accentuate decorative elements of your landscape. Compact solar recessed lights are ideal for both decorative and functional illumination.
  • · LED LIGHT - The LED visual alert system for the hearing impaired will produce bright flashing lights to let people in the home know that someone is waiting outside your door and this special feature allows you to turn the light on only when necessary for both security and energy-saving benefits.
  • · OVER 50 DIFFERENT CHIMES - There are 52 different ring tones including bird song, dog barking, alarm, Hello, welcome, piano melodies and classical chimes. Choose and change your sounds and adjust the volume to suit your particular tastes and preferences.
  • · WIRELESS - This solar wireless doorbell has no internal wiring, could be installed with minimal tools and placed in and around the home to expand your hearing range so that never miss a visitor or delivery again!
  • · SOLAR POWERED - Solar charging eliminates the need to replace the batteries in the push button unit and this system is completely powered by a solar panel with a built-in rechargeable battery.


Additional Information

Brand GreenLighting
Material plastic
Color White


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