Top 5 Benefits of Solar Lighting

By Spencer Norman July 29, 2014

The big trend in lighting these days is switching from traditional lights over to solar powered lights. Not everyone is ready to take the leap and switch over to solar, but there is nothing to be worried about. We’ll go over a few of the best benefits you’ll receive if you switch out your old lights for some solar powered ones.


1. Save Money

A great way to cut back on your energy bill is to replace your traditional lights with solar lights. The great thing about solar lights is the only money you spend on them is upfront. They don’t add anything to your electrical bill since they aren’t connected to the power grid. Imagine all the money you currently spend on your outdoor lights, and now imagine getting to spend that on whatever else you want because your lights are now solar powered.


2. Off the Grid

Solar lights don’t need to be weighed down by the electrical grid. They can stand alone soaking up the sun. This is especially great if the power were to go out. Traditional lights connected to the grid will go down with it if the power is out. Solar lights will keep on going strong, illuminating your yard even if the power goes out.


3. No Emissions

One of the biggest reasons people are switching to solar is the lack of emissions. When connected to the grid, it’s been said that a normal 100-watt light bulb creates a enough CO2 to fill a party balloon every half hour that it is on. Solar lights don’t have this issue, since they utilize the power of the sun. All the energy needed to power a solar light comes from renewable energy.


4. Versatility

Since solar lights do not require any wiring, it’s a lot easier to put them wherever they’re needed. As long as the lights can receive some sun they can be placed all over the yard, patio, pathway.


5. Easy Installation

Not being attached the electrical grid has its benefits. One of the biggest benefits comes in the form of installation. You don’t have to juggle confusing wires or connecting your lights to a power outlet. Just place the solar lights where you need them and let the power of the sun do the rest of the work.

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