Beach Scene Outdoor Solar Home Address Sign Light

Beach Scene Outdoor Solar Home Address Sign Light


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<p>Life is better at the Beach so why not take a piece back home with you with this Beach Themed Solar Powered House Number Sign. It will be a beautiful addition to any entryway, yard, or garden. Included with the sign are 5 sets of numbers 0 through 9. Solar energy collected by the sun is stored in an included rechargeable battery. On a full charge these lights can light up for up to 8 hours. Light is emitted from 3 White LED's. These lights are 100% Solar Powered, so there is no external wiring necessary! Designed to placed on the ground only. Dimensions are 14.8" x 6.5" x 9.6". Product Information: Returns and Exchanges up to 30 Days, Installation and/or assembly instructions must be followed, and Reusable Revolution, LLC cannot be held liable for product malfunction due to improper installation or use.</p>

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