GreenLighting Green Collapsible LED Emergency Flashlight Lantern

GreenLighting Green Collapsible LED Emergency Flashlight Lantern


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Get out and about with this Collapsible LED Emergency Flashlight Lantern from GreenLighting. With size in mind, GreenLighting has come together to bring you this versatile flashlight that can quickly unfold into a 4.5" lantern. Now you can stay prepared on your next camping, hiking, or boating trip. Quickly collapse your lantern down to utilize the powerful 50 lumens flashlight so you can hit the trails with confidence late at night. A convenient carrying handle is ideal for hanging your light so you can get in a few extra hours of reading time. Energy efficient LED technology ensures that you get the most out of the 3 AA batteries (included) each and every time. Measures 3.5" x 1.8" when closed; Opens up to 4.5".


  • · SLIM DESIGN - Quite simply, size matters. Whether you're going camping, hiking, or just like to stay prepared you need something extremely portable. The collapsible design of this versatile lantern closes to 1.8" so you can easily store it in your bag or pocket. When needed open up your lamp to 4.5" in size for a bright 50 lumens light.
  • · VERSATILE - Staying prepared can get you out of the tightest jams. This multi-use light can be quickly switched between a flashlight or lantern so whether you're trying to get some night time reading in or just searching around late at night you're covered.
  • · USE ANYWHERE - Finding a light that can move around with you is a difficult task. Now you don't have to search anymore! A convenient carrying handle allows you to hang your lamp anywhere so now you can read, do a puzzle, or just lounge around in the dark. For long walks the flashlight function will make sure you see exactly what's coming your way.
  • · BATTERY POWERED - In an emergency a plug or the natural power of the sun might not be easily available. Now you won't have to worry thanks to the 3 AA sized batteries (included) that power help power the 50 Lumens lamp. Energy efficient LED technology ensures you get the most out of each and every battery.
  • · PRODUCT DIMENSIONS - Measures 3.5" x 2" when closed; Opens up to 4.5"


Additional Information

Brand GreenLighting
Material plastic
Color Green
Battery Size AAA
Light Color White
Light Type LED


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