GreenLighting Solar 400 Lumens PIR Motion Sensor LED Wall Light

GreenLighting Solar 400 Lumens PIR Motion Sensor LED Wall Light


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Add some safety to your porch with this 400 Lumens Solar PIR Motion Sensor LED Wall Light by GreenLighting. With a focus on utilizing the natural resources that surround us, GreenLighting is all about providing you with the latest in solar and reusable technologies to create an eco-friendly environment. Each warning light features an IP65 rating which will keep it protected from dust, wind, or rain. The super bright LED bulb can be switched between a pure white or warm white light with the press of a button. The built in PIR motion sensor will detect movement from up to 6 feet away and switches the lighting output from a dim 20 lumens to an ultra bright 400 lumens for maximum security. Installation is quick & painless and even includes all the parts required to get your light up and running right out of the box. Measures 8" x 5" x 4".


  • · SECURITY - Maintaining a secure home will add extra peace of mind. These lights are made to give you just that while lasting for years. A built in PIR motion sensor can detect movement up to 6 feet away and stays on for 30 seconds so you'll know whenever someone unexpectedly shows up at night.
  • · LED LIGHT - Energy efficient LED's are the newest member of the lighting industry and they are here to stay. LED bulbs utilize 1/6th the amount of power a traditional incandescent bulb does while still providing a more rich coloring. Each light will turn off and on based on the surrounding lights for a dim 20 lumens output.
  • · SOLAR POWERED - Using the natural power of the sun is not only beneficial for Earth but also for you! The top mounted solar panel absorbs sun light in the day to recharge the included 2000mAh 10440 battery for use at night.
  • · INSTALLATION - Face it, installing things around your house can be quite the project. Well we have you covered with all the needed screws and batteries to get your light up and running. Each light includes mounting screws and a 2000mAh rechargeable battery.
  • · PRODUCT DIMENSIONS - Measures 8" x 5" x 4"


Additional Information

Brand GreenLighting
Material Polycarbonate & ABS
Color White


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