Fusion Lamps 3000K PAR38 17W LED Light Bulb (4 Pack)

Fusion Lamps 3000K PAR38 17W LED Light Bulb (4 Pack)


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SKU: TN-1151301

This 4 Pack of PAR38 17W LED Light Bulb from Fusion Lamps is long lasting, exceptionally efficient, and easily integrated into your existing indoor or outdoor light fixtures. This long lasting bulb is estimated to only cost $2.05 per year and last for 36.5 years or 40,000 hours to help you brighten your home while saving money. In addition to superior efficiency, each bulb is safe and contains no mercury, UV or infrared radiation. The coloring provides a 765 lumens output providing plenty of light for track lighting, recessed lighting, indoor fixtures, and outdoor PAR fixtures. Measures 5.4" x 4.72".


  • · Optimized heat fins w/ artistic design
  • · Estimated to cost $2.05 per year and last for 36.5years or 40,000 hours
  • · Perfect for track lighting, recess lighting, indoor fixtures, outdoor PAR fixtures, etc.
  • · No UV or infrared radiation & mercury free
  • · Bulb provides a brightness of 765 lumens using only 17 watts of power


Additional Information

Color 3000K (Warm White)
Brand Fusion Lamps
Material Glass
Color White


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